Do you suffer from Plantar Warts?

Are you concerned with skin tags? Well don’t be! Today’s physicians are employing the use of Cryosurgery kits or freezing kits. Cryosurgery has a specific mode of action with the selective destruction of identifiable lesions. It causes cryogenic cell death by extreme cold temperatures. A major benefit of cryosurgery is the preservation of the tissue matrix, which is relatively cold resistance and therefore allows for proper cosmetic healing with minimal scarring. The destroyed tissue sloughs off and reepithelialization occurs. The Cryosurgery kits duplicate the effects of liquid nitrogen on the skin with a refrigerant called freon. The effects of freon are similar to those of liquid nitrogen and when the refrigerant spray hits the wart or skin tag it freezes it, causing the wart to then crumble off. This treatment therapy only requires one application.

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