Are you active and concerned about injury?

Did you recently suffer an ankle injury. Well get back on your feet with The Bledsoe Axiom Ankle Brace! Ankle injuries are extremely common in today’s active world and this top-of-the-line brace offers staunch protection to an injured ankle. Designed using a plastic alloy that prevents inversion and eversion, yet still flexing with natural movement. It’s separate upper shells allow the material to naturally form to any ankle and on and off is easy with innovative Bledsoe over-center buckles. It also eliminates irritating pressure on the Achilles tendon, using a simple cut-out. The center pivot point on the malleolus eliminates pressure and supports natural anatomical movement while the unique footplate material is heat formable at lower temperatures. This product is available through Smart Medical at the jaw dropping price of ONLY $49.95!

Contact our sales or service team at 877-974-6736 today.

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